Gary Elekes
Gary Elekes
President, EPC Equity and iMarket Solutions
To thrive as a company today, you need to be razor sharp at more than just compensation. Thankfully, any company can create the framework for success, but you need the right recipe that brings together and optimizes your company rewards, cultural affirmations, and of course monetary compensation systems.

Particularly now, in the post-Covid environment and following the great resignation – with new generations’ belief systems that can be at odds with previous philosophies – the ideas around work environment and rewards take on added importance. The old methods will not survive the current environment and the ongoing changes.

This session will present a series of innovative ideas that can spur thoughts in your own company about how to improve and prosper in your current culture, and how you can improve at recruiting new team members – from generations old and new. Being innovative in human capital is the key to current and future success at building a great company around great culture.

In this session, you’ll also learn:
  • How to elevate your game in today’s environment when it comes to all facets of how team members see company culture
  • How to structure work benefits like PTO, various trips, workplace events, planned & unplanned social gatherings and more
  • The power of (and strategy for) ongoing training and development
  • The value of team member recognition and awards for employees
  • Different communication methods and innovative new styles
  • How to create a work environment that’s about more than just collecting a paycheck to your employees
  • And more!