Speaker Tavella
Dustin Tavella World-Class Performer, Storyteller & America’s Got Talent Season 16 Winner
Dustin Tavella is a world-class performer. He is the winner of the hit competition show America’s Got Talent. Dustin was crowned champion for his magic performances alongside his ability to inspire audiences through storytelling. The platform gave him the ability to show the world how personal connection is something we, as humans, long for. Though Dustin is proficient in performing “magic tricks”, he loves diving into what it means for us to create REAL MAGIC in the world we live in. Dustin’s performances and communication style has helped transform business, communities, and families alike.
Dustin Tavella does not just share ideologies, but he shares experience. For 20 years, Dustin has devoted himself to serving the world around him. He has worked with youth, those struggling with drug addiction, and also with the homeless. Dustin’s angle on how to make an impact in your business, your communities, and your families is unique and practical. This is what makes him so effective as a communicator when it comes to motivating people. His approach to finding magic in everything life throws our way is both simple and transformational.
In addition to transforming hearts through compelling stories, Dustin is a professional magician. Magic performance allows him to add visuals to each point he is driving home. Magic has always been known to spark a sense of wonder, but Dustin takes this even further by giving the power to the audience. This makes his magic both astounding AND empowering to every spectator. His goal is not to convince you that HE is magic, but rather, YOU are magic. His ability to tie magic in with story is revolutionary, authentic and memorable. Every time Dustin steps on stage, he is sure to create a moment you will NEVER forget.