How to Transform Technician Retention Through Training

Dan Clapper
Dan Clapper
HVAC Market Director, Interplay Learning
Hiring and retaining the talent you need is harder than ever and it is preventing many skilled trades companies from taking on new work, delivering on promises, and growing their businesses. Building a culture committed to effective, scalable training is the first step. But what does a good training culture look like? How can training elevate your retention efforts?

In this session, Interplay Learning HVAC market director Dan Clapper will share how businesses can unlock profitable growth by transforming the way they retain talent through training. Plus you’ll walk away understanding not just the power of building a training culture, but an actionable plan to install one in your business immediately.

Learning objectives include:
  • How to use training as an investment for technician growth and onboarding
  • How you can use training to assess the skill level of your workforce
  • Identifying how training can help with career development
  • The steps to build a better performing business simply by keeping the talent you already have