The Ultimate Educational Experience For Contractors

What’s the Verdict: Branded or Blanded?

Matthew Antonelli
Dan Antonelli
President & Chief Creative Officer of KickCharge Creative
It’s time to approach the stand and reach a verdict on your brand! This interactive workshop introduces the KickCharge SparkTest, the 10 essential categories for assessing the value of any brand.

Together, we will discuss the criteria for each category (name, tagline, logo, target audience appeal, etc.) and then enter the courtroom. Score yourself to pass judgement on your own brand, judge the brands of other attendees and put your own brand in front of the “brand jury” to receive helpful feedback. By the time the verdict is reached, you’ll have gained tremendous insight into how your brand measures up and whether your business is branded or “blanded.”

In this session, you will learn:
  • Key differences between brands that resonate with the customer – and brands that get ignored
  • The 10 branding categories your business needs to focus on to build long-term value
  • A proven framework to setting yourself apart in the marketplace
  • And so much more!