EPIC2024 Childcare Registration

The childcare package includes daycare for a child (ages 4-12) during the EPIC2024 general sessions – from 8am-6pm on Day 1 and 8am-2pm on Day 2, with food provided on both days. Please fill out the form below

Contractor University has partnered with KiddieCorp to provide this year’s children’s program. KiddieCorp takes caring for your children very seriously. A long-time partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics has helped establish KiddieCorp as a premier provider of event children’s program services.


• KiddieCorp staff does not administer medication. To ensure a safe and fun-filled environment, any child who is ill will not be admitted to the children’s program.

• Please label your child’s belongings. We will maintain a lost and found, however, KiddieCorp does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of any toy, book, or other personal items.